23 Aug 2014
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Security High in L.A. This Weekend in Light of 9/11 Anniversary

Though no specific, credible terrorist threats have been aimed against Los Angeles, security will remain high, according to Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck in a report by City News Service.

Security High in L.A. This Weekend in Light of 9/11 Anniversary

Security will be high across the Southland this weekend as residents mark the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, even though there has been no specific credible threat aimed at Los

"There will be thousands of Los Angeles police officers working
throughout the weekend, not only in their normal crime-fighting capacity, but also to keep an eye on our critical infrastructure,'' Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck said.

He said that included stationing LAPD officers at Los Angeles
International Airport, which is typically policed by Los Angeles Airport Police officers, and the Port of Los Angeles, which also has its own police force.

"What has made us effective in preventing terrorism in Los Angeles is
the way we work, and the way we work is as a team,'' Beck said. "If you see something as a member of the public that doesn't make sense to you, particularly on this anniversary of the most horrific attack to occur on American soil, say something."   

The chief said there had not been any news of any threats aimed at Los Angeles, even though news broke Thursday about an unconfirmed but credible terrorist threat focused on New York and Washington, D.C.

"I have been briefed on information, and all of that information
reveals no credible threats against the city of Los Angeles at this time," Beck said.

Officials said a key to fighting terrorism is people being vigilant and
reporting any activity they believe to be suspicious. Beck urged residents to call 877-A-THREAT with anything that looks out of the ordinary over the weekend.

LAPD Deputy Chief Michael Downing, who heads the department's anti-terrorism unit, said large-scale terrorist attacks like 9/11 are certainly headline-grabbing, but a lone terrorist acting alone can be much harder to spot.

Even though the spectacular attacks–the 9/11 attacks were certainly
spectacular and tragic–we also have to be concerned about the smaller attacks like Mumbai, smaller attacks like vehicle bombs,'' Downing told KNX Newsradio. "...We need to be able to react quickly. We are a prevention bureau, we try to prevent things. We develop intelligence ... and disrupt networks and things, but we have to really be on the lookout for individuals...who may be inspired by this ideology."

--Reported by City News Service

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