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10 Worst Feel-Good Songs

"I am terrified at the thought that so much hideous and bad music will be put on records forever." —Arthur Sullivan, English composer

10 Worst Feel-Good Songs

I love music, all types. That's the main reason I teach . Sure, it keeps me in shape, but it's also all choreographed to music and for me, that makes all the difference. The music is what keeps me motivated to exercise every morning instead of staying in bed and . But alas, even I don't like every song ever made.

Here’s the thing with music, it's subjective. Just because I can listen to Stevie Nicks all day, you might find her voice to be as pleasurable as listening to nails on a chalkboard. (However, if this were somehow true, we could no longer be friends.)

Speaking of friends, one  sent me an article he thought I would like all about the worst summertime songs. About a year ago here on Patch, we explored , so I thought it would be fun to go the other way. 

I asked some friends what their all-time un-favorite feel-good songs of summer were. Songs that when played, make them feel, well, not good. Songs that make them want to turn the station instead of turn it up.

For example, take last year's  Pumped Up Kicks, by Foster The People, and  Somebody That I Used To Know, by Gotye . I used to like those songs! Used to. But they've both been played so much that the magic is gone. Though I don't hate it yet, I feel that the cutesy Call Me Maybe, by Carly Rae Jepssen will be out of favor by summer's end for the same reason: overplayed.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 songs that my friends could care less if they ever hear again for as long as they should live. (Scientific study, taken on Facebook among about 20 of my friends.) So, if you're planning a Fourth of July BBQ, you might want to think twice about including some of these selections. 

1.  The Beatles. Any of it. If you ask my daughter and even a few adult friends, too. I find this crazy-talk, but there you go.

2.  Red, Red, Wine, by UB40. Though personally, I had the best time at their 1990 UB40 concert, "I'd rather drink red, red, wine rather than listen to it!" said a friend of mine. Maybe you agree.

3. Rush. My pick. , I know I'm supposed to like them, but I don't. Though I've tried, I. Just. Can't.

4.  The Joker, by Steve Miller. Just one thing about this song: can someone please tell me what "pompatus" means? As in the lyrics, "'Cause I speak of the pompatus of love." I guess if Snoop Dogg can make "shizzle" a word, Steve Miller can have pompatus. 

5.  Hotel California, by The Eagles. I was surprised at how many people loathe this song. (Truth? No, I wasn't.)

6.  Funkytown, by Lipps, Inc. Like this song or hate it, it may be the greatest video ever made.

7.  In The Summertime, by Mungo Jerry. Well my friends, you may not like the sound of this song, but the facial hair of Mungo Jerry is nothing short of ah-mazing!

8.  Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, by Brian Hyland. This one is for my mom. Though I have to say, every time I see my teenage daughter in a bikini, I think of it. And since I still think of her as being 5 years old, I now have a new reason to hate this song, too.

9. There was a virtual fight on my Facebook page regarding the one and only, Barry Manilow. Some had Manilowphobia and some were Fanilows. It got pretty heated! So, I’m gong to be Switzerland on this one.

10. And I quote: "Does U2 have a summer song? If so, then I don't like it. Otherwise I adore pretty much everything. Oh, except that Sting guy."

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