Jul 30, 2014

A Guessing Game: Where in Alameda?

Alameda Patch posts a picture, you guess.

A Guessing Game: Where in Alameda? A Guessing Game: Where in Alameda?

Since I began  of unnamed locations around Alameda, many readers have sent over photos they think would make for a good challenge.

Today's pictures come from school board trustee  Mike McMahon. The first picture, you'll know where it is (because it says so). The second, that's where the challenge comes in.

If you think you know where the picture was taken, answer in the comments. Winner gets a Patch water bottle or a Patch canvas tote bag, good for groceries. You can guess as many times as you like. Only one winner. 

 I always welcome your pictures. Send them to eve@patch.com.

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