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Alameda Community Acupuncture

New acupuncture practice offers lower-cost, affordable treatment on the Island.

Alameda Community Acupuncture Alameda Community Acupuncture Alameda Community Acupuncture Alameda Community Acupuncture

Owner: Donna Chang

Opening Day: Our opening was Jan. 8, 2012. We offered free acupuncture treatments. It was great! We treated 31 people in 4 hours. There were people lined up on the sidewalk.

What services do you offer?  We offer community acupuncture treatments. We start with a private consultation then treat people either in a reclining chair or on a table in the main room. We also give information about lifestyle changes that might help their conditions.

In addition to acupuncture treatment, we sell herbs. All the herbs are from reputable brands. The companies test the products to make sure they are pure and contain no pesticides. Bottom line, I wouldn’t put anything on the shelf that I don’t think is safe for me and my family.

On Monday nights, my husband, Steve March, who is the director of the Wellness Program, offers a free Qigong and meditation class here.

What is your experience and training? Amanda Quvus (ACA's second acupuncturist) and I met while training at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley. It’s a 3-year program that has even stricter requirements than the State of California. California requires 3,000 hours before you can be licensed as an acupuncturist. Our school required 3,300 hours. In addition, both of us have studied with acupuncture masters outside of school. We’ve treated all kinds of people.

How is the treatment model at Alameda Community Acupuncture different? When I was a student and didn’t have a lot of money. I couldn’t afford to go for private acupuncture treatment. Private acupuncture treatments can cost $75 or more for just one treatment. 

So I’ve seen a lot of people who could benefit from more treatment, but they could not pay for it. When I began to envision a dream practice, I thought it was a little hypocritical to create a practice that I myself couldn’t afford. When I was working the community acupuncture shift at school, I was very impressed with the progress people can make if they come for enough treatments.

We have a sliding scale of $17 - $40 a treatment. We suggest a treatment plan and talk with people about how it can fit in their budget. Whatever people can pay is fine.

How long does it take before patients begin to see results? A lot of times, you need a series of treatments to get better. How many treatments you need depends on how long you have had the condition and how severe it is. Most people should experience some relief after the first week of treatment.

Do you have plans to expand? We just started but eventually, it would be great to offer acupuncture seven days a week.

is located at 1716 Lincoln Avenue. Telephone: 255-0880. Hours: Monday 2-6, Tuesday 9-12 and 3-6, Wednesday closed, Thursday 9-12 and 3-6, Friday 2-6, Saturday 10-12, Sunday closed. Appointments are available online or by phone. Walk-ins are welcome.

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