20 Aug 2014
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Alameda Does Windows

"A window of opportunity for me usually involves a rock." -Jay London

Alameda Does Windows Alameda Does Windows Alameda Does Windows Alameda Does Windows

My sister turned me on to NPR’s “Pop Culture Happy Hour." At the end of each episode, they ask the question, “What’s making you happy this week”? Then the four panelists take a minute to answer. 

Sometimes they talk about a good book they've read, a movie they've seen or maybe a museum they visited that made them smile for whatever reason. 

This is only relevant because this week, I’ve decided to tell you what is making me happy. And what’s making me happy are windows. Yes Alameda, that’s right. I love your windows!

I catch myself gazing lovingly at other people’s windows. Not in them mind you, but at them. Big difference. Now that I think of it, if an owner happened to be inside while I’m outside staring at his windows, he might think I'm some kind of crazy stalker lady casing the joint. But I assure you, Alameda, I mean you no harm.

I frequently walk my dog up and down Fairview and its neighboring streets. I’m quite mesmerized by their detailed windowpanes. Similarly, when my girls have swim practice over at Franklin Park, I’ll walk Cocoa there simply to smile at the gazillion-paned masterpieces frequently attached to stunning Craftsman houses.

And some of the windows in those Alameda Victorians? Mind blowing! 
My house has an almost floor to ceiling plate glass window. It is a thing of beauty, truly, but only if you can get past the dirty fingerprints and my dog's nose marks.

I also enjoy when people hang their own stained glass creations. I'm lucky enough to pass a beautiful example on the way to and from my kids' school. It is a big window, all stained glass, and it has a bright red macaw sitting on a bowl of fruit. That main window is accompanied by smaller ones, some adorned with hummingbirds; all are cut glass. I can't imagine how many man-hours it must have taken to complete. 

So Alameda, shut down the computer for a few minutes and take a walk. Look up from the ground every once in a while and marvel at all our little city. If you do, I guarantee you will find something that will make you happy this week. Even if you don't do windows. 

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