20 Aug 2014
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Mother Nature Wreaks Havoc in Alameda According to Readers

Several readers reported major winds and property damage on certain parts of the island Monday evening. What happened in your neighborhood?

Mother Nature Wreaks Havoc in Alameda According to Readers

Right after the San Francisco Giants won the pennant advancing to the World Series, Alameda Patch readers started reporting on the aftermath of crazy weather happenings on the island.

Two readers said they saw trees knocked down along Broadway, Encinal Avenue and Fernside Boulevard.

From trash cans being knocked and trash scattered everywhere, to supposed funnel cloud sightings and heavy car parts being flipped over, readers like Jannette Copeland said it was like "Oaklahoma [came] to Alameda" last night.

Copeland shared the following with us on our Facebook page:

I think there might have been a tornado here.... my husband's jeep top, which is really heavy, got flipped over. It takes 3 men to move it!!! Neighbor's large trash/recycle cans got pushed across the street, then tipped over. Trash everywhere.... Some bizarro winds here in Alameda!!!

She went on to share the experience in more detail, suggesting that a funnel cloud made a huge mess in her neighborhood, where winds were recorded to reach up to 65 mph.

Get this … a wind "funnel cloud" only to be likened to a tornado blew through from across my street to my house just as the Giants game ended. maybe a narrow 80 yard swath right down and over my driveway

One of my neighbor's (from across the street) recycle cans was in my yard and bottles busted and trash everywhere. A 30 yard move.
But my neighbors on either side of my house .. were not touched and their cans were out too. My recycle cans weren't out yet… whew ...the neighbor's wind meter registered 65 mph.

I heard the "womp" and said must be thunder but there was no lightening. Looked out back .. just starting to rain and no wind.

Another reader claimed to have a similar experience with a supposed funnel cloud:

We live on Encinal between High and Fernside and and an incredible wind blew through just shortly after the game was over. My husband commented he thought it was a funnel cloud as the winds were whipping around like crazy! I blamed it on the surge of energy coming from the ballpark! Garbage cans were knocked over but nothing more exciting than that on our block then we know of.

What was going on in your neighborhood? What did you stumble across last night or wake up to see this morning? Share what you found in our comments section below or share photos of the aftermath by uploading them to this article.


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