Jul 28, 2014
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Poll: Your Favorite Alameda Preschool

What school do you like best? Why?

Poll: Your Favorite Alameda Preschool Poll: Your Favorite Alameda Preschool


When I was shopping for a preschool a decade ago, my search was quite exhaustive.

I had a list of Alameda schools — I was committed to sending my kids somewhere on the Island — and I visited most of them. I read up on the schools' philosophies and talked to dozens of parents about their own kids' preschool experiences.

Every family needs something different from a preschool — starting from schedule (is it full-day or part-time?) and moving to style. Play-based? Developmental? Or something else.

I know that for our family one school was a good fit for our first child, while another was a better fit for the second.

So, why did you choose the school you chose? What worked for your family and child? 

And, because I no longer am confident I know all the schools on the Island, I will add any schools suggested in the comments before the end of the day Monday to this Patch poll.

You can also click on the links to the schools to rate them and write reviews in  Patch Places, our business directory. As for the poll, play fair: please vote only once.

Alameda preschools in no particular order: , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

Thanks for participating!

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