15 Sep 2014
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What Do They Make? The Earnings of Alameda Employees

City Treasurer Kevin Kennedy sent over this spreadsheet detailing employee pay, overtime and benefits in 2010.

by Kevin Kennedy, Alameda City Treasurer

Someone posted a comment on my , written with City Auditor Kevin Kearney in response to Mayor Marie Gilmore's , asking for an update on city employee pay.

Attached is a PDF listing salary, overtime and benefits from 2010 for every city employee.

Of note, Alameda had 200 employees in 2010 who had total compensation of more than $150,000. I picked the $150,000 threshold figuring it is roughly twice the most recent "average household income" numbers I have seen for Alameda.

Of those making over $150,000, 85.5 percent (or 171 employees) were public safety employees, working in the and Departments.

I hope this clarifies that we're not singling out those employees out for personal reasons, it's just that the lion's share of goes to those groups so they have to be part of the solution.

Tips: You can magnify the document using the zoom button at the bottom left of  and you can print it out using the "print" choice at the top of the Scibd frame. 

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