Jul 26, 2014

Vacancy on County Recycling Board

This is part of StopWaste.org. The deadline for applications is Sept. 21, 2012.

Vacancy on County Recycling Board

From a StopWaste.org press release:

OAKLAND--The Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board has a vacancy in the category of “a representative of an organization engaged primarily in operating recycling programs within Alameda County.” The appointee must live in Alameda County. Term of the appointment is two years, and Board Members are eligible for re-appointment to one additional two-year term. 

The Recycling Board administers the voter-approved Waste Reduction and Recycling Initiative, which levies an $8.23 per ton landfill disposal fee that generates approximately $8 million per year for waste reduction and recycling programs in Alameda County. Fifty percent of the money is returned to local jurisdictions on a per-capita basis. The balance is appropriated by the Board for countywide source reduction and recycling programs, public education, recycled product procurement, market development and grants to community organizations.

To be considered for the appointment, prospective candidates must submit a resume and cover letter stating qualifications to Anna Gee, 1221 Oak St., Suite 536, Oakland, CA 94612; via fax to 510-465-7628; or emailed to  anna.gee@acgov.org with the subject line “Recycling Programs Representative.”  The deadline for application is Sept. 21, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. Minority and female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Questions regarding the application process may be addressed to Anna Gee at 510-891-5585.

Questions regarding the Recycling Board may be addressed to Tom Padia, recycling director, or Gary Wolff, executive director at 510-891-6500 or email at tpadia@stopwaste.org or gwolff@stopwaste.org

About the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board

The Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board (Recycling Board) was created by the voters of Alameda County through passage of Measure D, the Alameda County Waste Reduction and Recycling Act of 1990. Statutory authority for the Board resides as part of the Alameda County Charter. Staff for the Recycling Board is provided by the Alameda County Waste Management Authority, and legal counsel is provided through the Alameda County Counsel’s Office. The Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board and the Alameda County Waste Management Authority operate jointly as one public agency under the name StopWaste.Org.

The Recycling Board is comprised of 11 members:

  • Five members are elected public officials appointed by the Alameda County Waste Management Authority from among its Board of Directors.
  • Six members are appointed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.  Appointees must reside in the county and be a representative of a particular constituency, as specified in the Act.

Pursuant to the county charter, the Recycling Board established a goal of reducing the waste stream going to landfill by 75 percent and beyond (using 1990 as a base year) and is mandated by law to provide:

  1. Countywide programs for source reduction; recycled product market development; and grants to non-profit organizations engaged in waste reduction activities.
  2. A recycled product purchase preference program within Alameda County government.
  3. Allocation of 50 percent of funds received for continuation and expansion of municipal recycling programs, which must include curbside pickup of recyclable materials and a commercial recycling program.

Recycling Board programs are funded by an $8.23/ton landfill disposal surcharge collected at landfills in the unincorporated portion of Alameda County (Altamont Landfill and Vasco Road Landfill).

The Recycling Board normally meets on the second Thursday of each month. Board members are paid $100 per meeting.





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