Jul 29, 2014
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We Got Bloomed!

Sometimes one small thing can mean the world in another person’s life. In this case, nylon flowers ...

We Got Bloomed! We Got Bloomed! We Got Bloomed!

The funniest thing happened the other day. I had just stepped out of my door to go pick up my kids from swimming when there, all over my front yard, were nylon garden flowers, one after the other. They were dressed in cheerful rainbow colors and in the afternoon wind, they were just a'twirlin' and a'whirlin' round and round! Some were big, some were small. Some in the flower bed, some in the lawn.

It didn't take but a second for me to realize what was going on. We had been " bloomed" and it made me sick. The sight of those flowers made me so angry that I ripped them out of the ground and threw them away as fast as I could.


Those crazy flowers made my day! They were bright and fun and I though they were simply delightful! It was such a pleasant surprise to walk outside and see all the spinning flowers dancing in the wind! And when my girls came home, they were ecstatic! Both had smiles from ear to ear! We loved it, my neighbors loved it, everyone loved it!

The flowers were sent to us by Izzy's Angels. Izzy's Angel's is a support group made up of friends and neighbors of Isabel Penston, a fifth-grader in my daughter’s class at Edison Elementary School. Izzy has Friedreich's Ataxia, or FA, and she, with the help of her Angels, is trying to raise awareness and funds for FARAFriedreich's Ataxia Awareness Foundation

In short, FA is a life-shortening, genetic disorder which afflicts about one in 50,000 people. Symptoms include impairment of vision, hearing and speech, scoliosis, diabetes, heart conditions and loss of strength and coordination in legs and arms. Izzy's symptoms began at age 5 and she is already using a wheelchair 75 percent of the time. So far, there are no effective cures or treatment for FA.

Similar to getting "", when you get "bloomed" you are asked to make a donation to FARA. You also leave an address of someone you think would like to get "bloomed" next. The beauty is, the flowers are only planted for 24 hours. Then, they blow away to the next house.

I volunteer with . I am one of the people who travel around Alameda blooming', and I also MC the anual Izzy's Angels Benefit Concert. (More about that next week.) There are still a few weeks left in the blooming season, so if you would like to participate, please contact me and I’ll happily add you to the list. If you would simply like to donate and help Izzy raise money for FARA, please click here and then click on the green button.

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