19 Aug 2014
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City of Albany: Please Don't Feed the Turkeys!

The California Department of Fish and Game has some suggestions for coping if wild turkeys are invading your yard.

City of Albany: Please Don't Feed the Turkeys!

The City of Albany issued the following bulletin Friday:

"Wild turkeys within the City of Albany have been a draw to many within the community.

"Although quite a spectacle, we reccomend that caution be exercised when in the presence of wild animals, including the wild turkeys.

"Please do not feed or handle wild turkeys or other wild animals. This can endanger both the animal and the person(s) involved.

"For more information and tips regarding wild turkeys, please visit the California Department of Fish and Game:  www.keepmewild.org."

Here are some of the DFG recommendations for dealing with wild turkeys around your home and in the neighborhood:

  • If turkeys begin feeding under hanging bird feeders, remove the feeders until the turkeys leave the area.
  • If turkeys are causing problems in your yard, install motion-detecting sprinklers.
  • Wild turkeys typically will not enter yards with dogs.
  • If confronted by a wild turkey that has lost its fear of humans, an open umbrella may help steer it out of your path.
  • Depredation permits are required to kill wild turkeys that are causing property damage. To get a depredation permit, contact your local Department of Fish & Game office.

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