Jul 29, 2014
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Dogs In Custody After Alleged Village Attack

The two dogs that allegedly attacked a 6-year-old girl in University Village last week were taken from their owner's Richmond home and put into the custody of Contra Costa Animal Care and Control, police said.

Dogs In Custody After Alleged Village Attack

University of California, Berkeley, police say they have found the owner of two dogs that reportedly  in late last week.

UC Police Capt. Margo Bennett said police located the man, and his dogs, at his Richmond home on Friday. Shortly following the attack, the man was identified only as "Jason." He reportedly left the scene before police could question him.

The dogs were taken from the man's home, said Bennett, by Contra Costa County Animal Care and Control and were in custody with the agency as of Monday.

Bennett said no charges had been brought against the man, whose full name has not been released. 

The girl who was attacked was at Children’s Hospital in Oakland. Bennett said UCPD could not release further details on the child’s condition.

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