21 Aug 2014
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Marin Elementary Parents Urged to Drive Slower Near School

After a teacher was nearly hit by a parent driver Wednesday morning, a school official issued a traffic safety request message to parents.

Marin Elementary Parents Urged to Drive Slower Near School

A Marin Elementary School official is asking parents to slow down and use caution when dropping students off at school after a teacher was almost hit by a Marin parent driver Wednesday morning.

“I know some days you are in a hurry to get your child to school on time; but, please slow down and be more aware while driving. Now the weather is changing and it's more difficult to see in the rain,” read a message from school Secretary Janet Nichols. In the message to parents, Nichols said a teacher walking to school was almost hit by a speedy parent.

Traffic safety issues near Marin Avenue were recently addressed, when the Albany City Council voted to safeguard the Marin-Santa Fe Intersection earlier this year.

“This request of slowing down and being more aware while driving is to keep everyone safe.”

What do you think should be done for pedestrian safety near Albany schools?

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