Jul 30, 2014
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Boxing Day Facts: The Story Behind the Holiday

Many call the day after Christmas Boxing Day. Learn the origins and tell us what it means to you.

Boxing Day Facts: The Story Behind the Holiday

Shopping will be on the minds of many people Wednesday who are either returning holiday gifts not to their liking or looking for further price reductions than they found before Christmas.

Many call this Wednesday Boxing Day.

In the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other places it is a legal holiday, according to Factmonster. Based on legend, during the Middle Ages, servants were required to work on Christmas in England and took the following day off. Their employers would give them gift boxes as they prepared to leave and enjoy the day with their families.

In the United States, some go back to work the day after Christmas while others look for shopping bargains. Please let us know the best deal you ever got on Dec. 26 or what Boxing Day means to you in the comments section below the story.

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