23 Aug 2014
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CHP: Driver Hit Cyclist While Turning Left

In an update to a collision between a car and a cyclist that happened last Monday, CHP officials tell Patch the driver was at fault in the accident.

CHP: Driver Hit Cyclist While Turning Left

An happened when the driver was making a left turn from Lake Avenue onto Pine Street and struck the cyclist, according to Officer Tom Miller, of the .

Miller said the driver was waiting to make the left turn as vehicle traffic passed by.  The cars heading down south may have obstructed his view of the bike.

When the cars cleared, the driver went to make a left turn and collided with the cyclist, who was heading southbound on Lake.

The biker's front wheel was damaged and he was thrown from the bike, Miller said.  The cyclist complained of pain in the hips and he was transported to Huntington Hospital.  Miller said he does not know the outcome of the cyclist's injuries, but said it was possible that he suffered a bone fracture of some sort.

The driver will be found at fault for not yielding to the cyclist, Miller said.  He added that the type of accident is not uncommon, and sometimes people just don't see all the traffic on the street when making a left turn.

"These accidents do happen," Miller said. "We try to encourage people to take extra second to look."

Miller, who is also the community officer for the Altadena Station, said he is aware that people have noticed problems with bikers not stopping at stop signs and impeding drivers while riding with multiple riders abreast.

He said cyclists should ride single file, and added that the CHP will be considering increased enforcement for cyclists running stop signs and other traffic violations.

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