Jul 28, 2014

County Board of Supervisor Hearing Set for Bike Plan

The plan includes a 5 mile bike boulevard on streets in Altadena and was approved by the County's Planning Commission. With Board of Supervisors, the boulevard and other bike improvements in Altadena will become part of the county's future plans for the t

County Board of Supervisor Hearing Set for Bike Plan County Board of Supervisor Hearing Set for Bike Plan County Board of Supervisor Hearing Set for Bike Plan County Board of Supervisor Hearing Set for Bike Plan

A hearing has been scheduled for the county's master bike plan, which includes a five-mile designated "bike boulevard" for Altadena and a new bike path of nearly eight miles, starting from Eaton Canyon, which would connect to other paths to form a trail to Long Beach.

The bike boulevard would run east to west in Altadena, starting at the intersection of Windsor Avenue and Ventura Steet.  It would run along Ventura, switch north to Calaveras east of Fair Oaks, then later to Mendocino Street, Midwick Drive, Glen Canyon Road and down Roosevelt Avenue (the proposed boulevard route is highlighted in purple on the map on the right).  The route of that proposal has been changed several times since it was first discussed at a public meeting last year.

Those streets would continue to accommodate cars but would have traffic calming measures designed to slow drivers down (we've discussed what some of those measures might be on the site in ).

The Board of Supervisors hearing will be Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 9:30 a.m. in Room 381B of the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 500 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Second Phase of County Plan

Altadena's Bike Boulevard would be part of the second phase of the county's plan, so, with Board approval, it would likely be completed some time between 2017 and 2027.

In addition to the bike boulevard, Altadena could also see a bike path that would start from just east of the border of Altadena and Pasadena on New York Drive and run south for 7.8 miles along the Eaton Wash, through East Pasadena and San Gabriel, to connect to the Rio Hondo bike path in El Monte.

The overall bike plan includes improvements for unincorporated areas all over the county and would result in more than 60 miles of bike improvements in the West San Gabriel Valley alone, though over half of those would be bike routes, which involve adding road signs identifying an existing road as a preferred place for cyclists to ride.

The full plan can be viewed on right and more details on the plan can be viewed here.


Read more about the Bike Boulevard proposal here

Editor's Note: This article originally identified the Bike Boulevard proposed route as starting at Calaveras and Windsor rathern than Ventura and Windsor.

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