Jul 30, 2014

Four-Month County Road and Curb Project Planned for Summer

The county will be repaving and doing curb and gutter work on multiple streets in the central area of Altadena centered around New York Drive.

The county released the following map and project information for a four-month street improvements project that will be done next summer in Central Altadena.

The project, which was first announced at September's Town Council meeting, will involve intensive work to be done on Maiden Lane and Holliston Avenue between Mendocino and Altadena, and also on Hill between New York and Holliston, and on Atchison Street and Lexington Avenue.  A map of the work locations is included in the information sheet attached to this article.

The work will include repaving, curb and gutter repair, and replacement of speed bumps on streets that already have them.  During construction there may be short periods where roads and people's driveways are blocked, but the County will be asking affected residents to call them and work out a schedule for access to minimize impact. 

People with questions can contact Christopher Hudson at 626-458-3988 or at chudson@dpw.lacounty.gov

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