Jul 29, 2014
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‘Good Deeds Gal’ Surprises People With Free Gas, Food and More

People in Altadena were surprised Wednesday when a woman offered to buy them gasoline and pick up their tab at Super King Market, Fox’s Restaurant and Webster’s Pharmacy.

What would you do if a stranger offered to pay for your gas, groceries or restaurant bill?

Some lucky folks in Altadena found out Wednesday when a woman who calls herself the “Good Deeds Gal” surprised people by picking up their tab, no strings attached.

The Good Deeds Gal is spreading holiday cheer in honor of MonteCedro, a new planned retirement community in Altadena, which is set to open in Altadena in 2015. After she offered to pay the bill for folks at Super King Market, Webster’s Pharmacy, Fox’s Restaurant and Arco gas station, she gave them some information about MonteCedro.

“Good neighbors do little things to help one another,” said Peggy Buchanan, Director of Sales and Marketing for MonteCedro, in a statement. “We hope to ease the stress of the upcoming holiday season by surprising Altadena residents and assisting them with some of their daily tasks.”

While most people were pleasantly surprised or just shocked by a stranger offering to pay for their bill, a couple people at Webster’s Pharmacy were hesitant to accept the gift and declined it.

See how one woman responded to the Good Deeds Gal buying her meal at Fox’s restaurant in the video attached to this post.

Wednesday was the Good Deed Gal’s first day of good deeds in Altadena and she will be showing up at random places in the community once a week until Dec. 5 to surprise people and spread holiday giving. Where will she strike next?

MonteCedro will also be donating $1000 to a local non-profit organization.

What do you think of MonteCedro's Good Deeds Gal? Would you let her pick up your bill? Tell us in the comments below.

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