Jul 29, 2014

We need a film editor

We need a film editor

Looking for a film editor for an independent  science fiction film.

No pay, but will treat you to lunch and give credit.

We will take this to Sy Fy Channel. We are almost finished shooting.  It is 20 pages long.

It will also be listed on the IMDb site, on Marcielle Presents! website, and in the online magazine.  Contact Marcielle at: marcielle@verizon.net   or 626 355-0745

Screenplay and short written and produced by Marcielle Brandler copyright

Short directed by Terrence Butcher



Deep under the waters of Venice Beach, Abe and his parents are prisoners of the Gorak in their spaceship. Mom and Dad have found a way out, and Abe wants to discover what they know. 

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