Jul 28, 2014

Yorkshire Terrier Attacked in Backyard by Loose Dog

An Altadena resident on Coolidge Avenue has the following account of a loose dog attacking her Yorkshire Terrier in her own backyard Wednesday morning.

Yorkshire Terrier Attacked in Backyard by Loose Dog

Coolidge Avenue resident Jenni Edmonds has the following account of her dog Eddie being attacked Wednesday morning by a loose dog that appeared to her to be a pit bull:

I let my 2 dogs out to go potty in my backyard and a pit bull was in my backyard and attacked my male yorkie. I was able to get the dog off of my dog and took my 2 dogs into the house and I have no clue where the other dog went. It was a white pit bull with brown spots it was 30-50 lbs. My dog is at the vet now. If anyone knows whose dog this is or is missing a pit bull please let me know. I am so upset I called animal control and the police

Edmonds posted her account on the President Streets email forum, and one other resident also reported seeing a loose pit bull, and a flyer for a lost pit bill has apparently been posted in the neighborhood.  Edmonds and others are suggesting people in the area keep pets inside today.

The photo at right is of Edmond's dog Eddie, who is still at the vet as of 2 p.m. Edmonds said she is not yet sure what injuries he has, but he possibly has a broken rib.

As of 2 p.m. Animal Control had not yet shown up to the scene, she said. 

Edmonds lives just south of Berendo Street on Coolidge Avenue.

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