23 Aug 2014
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Vigil Held for Banda Singer Jenni Rivera

Hundreds of fans gathered in Lynwood's Plaza Mexico to commemorate the singer, Jenni Rivera, who is feared dead following a plane crash in Mexico.

Mere hours after it was announced that Jenni Rivera, 43-year-old singer and reality star, was feared dead following a plane crash in Mexico, hundreds gathered in a vigil celebrating her life.

The Long Beach-native was known for her outspoken ways, romantic and wild songs, as well as her works for charity, and fight against domestic violence.

Fans held her pictures, candles, and flowers as they held back the tears, while chanting, "Jenni, Jenni."

"She was proud of who she was and where she came from." said Los Angeles resident Lisa Mollete. "As an artist she was very common, like her fans. I'll miss her."

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