Jul 26, 2014
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Old Farts Hold Classic Car Show at Gramma's

A winter afternoon antique car show is a great cure for cabin fever.

Old Farts Hold Classic Car Show at Gramma's Old Farts Hold Classic Car Show at Gramma's Old Farts Hold Classic Car Show at Gramma's Old Farts Hold Classic Car Show at Gramma's Old Farts Hold Classic Car Show at Gramma's

The Old Farts Racing Team held an antique and classic car show at Gramma’s Country Kitchen parking lot Sunday afternoon in Banning.

 The group had over 20 cars on display at the event. A strong contingent of local antique car enthusiasts was on hand to admire the classic vehicles on a gorgeous winter day in the Pass. The sunny parking lot was surrounded by snow-covered mountains in every direction and blue skies above, with fair temperatures and no wind.

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than checking out and admiring classic antique cars and trucks after being stuck in the house for two days of heavy rain and snow?

The nostalgic American classic’s ranged from a 1927 Ford roadster to a 2009 Chevrolet Corvette.

My favorite vehicles at the show were David Nunez’s heavily chromed 1973 Chevrolet El Camino, Richard “Dick” Buckner’s ‘29 Model A Ford lakester, Bob Ruzzamenti’s righteous 1955 Chevy pickup and Ralph Schroeder’s wicked ’27 Ford roadster. 

The ’73 El Camino exterior was yellow with flames highlighting the front hood and quarter panels. The V8 Chevy motor was an awesome spectacle of all chrome. Even the top of the fender wells were chrome. The firewall was painted with an American flag that reflected at you from different angles of the chromed accessories as you cruised the perimeter of the El Camino. 

Dick Buckner said, “The 1929 Ford dry-lake-bed racer has been in his family since his cousin bought it in 1946. The cousin ran 108 mph in it in 1947. The Southern California Timing Association class record is 119 mph,” Buckner added. The hot rod sits on a ’32 frame and sports a ’47 Ford flathead V8 with a 1939 transmission and a ’42 Mercury rear end.

 Ruzzamenti’s copper-gold ’55 Chevy pickup with its mahogany finished bed is a lifetime labor of love. He said, “I bought my first truck at 14. It had no motor or drive train. My brother wrapped my dad’s truck around a tree and I was able to put the motor and transmission in my truck. I was able to drive it to school at 16.” The '55 Chevy pickup has a Camaro drive train.

Schroeder’s ’27 Ford roadster barely weighs 2,000 pounds, he said. The two-seater has a 350 cubic inch Chevy motor and a turbo 350 transmission, with a sharp 1933 Chevy grill in front. “It generates about 260 horse power the proud owner said. I have around $10,000 in it.”

 Other notable vehicles on display at the Old Farts’ classic-car show were a clean-red-on-red ’64 Ford Fairlane 500, a lovely baby-blue 1957 Ford Thunderbird, a charcoal-gray ’69 Stanger Mustang and a red 1940 Deluxe sedan with flames. I really like red!

 To round out the field with a little fun was a 1953 Studebaker Champion with a Chevy motor and a ’60 Rambler American station wagon.

Gramma’s parking lot is more than adequate and a great place for a Sunday afternoon antique-car-show venue. The family restaurant is located at 2868 W. Ramsey St., Banning.



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