23 Aug 2014
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Girl Scout Troop Interactive Storytelling

Troop 30385 wraps up their Bronze Award this weekend at the Belmont Library.

Girl Scout Troop Interactive Storytelling

A Junior Girl Scout Troop from chose the as the best place to complete their Bronze Award service project. Their reading workshops provide interactive storytelling and crafts for preschoolers.

"After sharing a story with young kids, a hands-on activity sort of cements it for them," said Ellie Anderson, Youth Services Librarian. "When the girls stopped by to present their idea, we were really excited, because this is exactly the sort of community outreach program we love to do."

While the preschoolers benefit from the crafts and puppet shows the troop provides, the Girl Scouts themselves are benefitting too, according to troop mom Lori Nishikawa.

"It encourages them to take their ideas one step further and teaches them how to be good leaders," Nishikawa said. "It also teaches them how to follow through with their goals."

Their own love for reading encouraged the girls to share books with younger kids, however Anderson suspects they are sharing even more than books. "If a child can relate to the presenter of a program, they might start to believe it's something they can do too," she said. "It expands horizons."

Troop 30385's final workshop is Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 10:30am. See the Belmont Library website for more information.

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