Jul 26, 2014

Survey Shows Strong Support for CSUS Project

The phone survey showed that 62 percent of respondents supported Crystal Springs Uplands School's proposal to build a new middle school in Belmont.

Survey Shows Strong Support for CSUS Project

The potential financial benefits to the City of Belmont, the possibility of the creation of 200 construction jobs, and the projection of a boost to the local economy, all proved to be influencing factors in the show support by Belmont residents for the Crystal Springs Uplands School proposed project.

In a September telephone survey conducted by Godbe Research, 62 percent of those surveyed said they either strongly or somewhat supported the construction of the new middle school on Davis Drive; 26 percent strongly or somewhat opposed the project, and 24 percent responded "mixed opinion or don't know."

The 17-minute survey was conducted using 401 respondents who are registered voters. According to Bryan Godbe, president of Godbe Research, registered voters are selected for surveys because they typically represent people in the community who are engaged and care about local issues.

Respondents were asked to rank various features of the development project--both positive and negative.

The biggest positive influencing factor was the statement that CSUS will provide $150,000 more to the city than the current warehouse and office building that occupies the Davis Drive site. (74 percent said they were more likely to support the project based on this.)

Godbe pointed out that of all the influencing supporting statements, the one that ranked the lowest, (CSUS is committed to diversity amongst its students), still had the support of a simple majority (52 percent). Overall, the project received a 62 percent show of support.

"62 percent is a very strong place to be," said Godbe.

Of the negative influencing factors, traffic ranked the highest. 

According to David Bowlby of The Bowlby Group, CSUS has offered to sit down individually with the Belmont city councilmembers and the pollster to present the results.

"We are pleased to see that the Belmont community overwhelmingly supports our project," said CSUS board member Jill Grossman.

The Belmont City Council will consider the General Plan Amendment, Planned Development Rezoning, and Conceptual Development Plan for CSUS at its Oct. 23 meeting.

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