21 Aug 2014
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Holiday Shopping: How Much for Kids’ Gifts?

Do you set limits on spending for your children's presents? Or limits on what your children can spend in their own shopping?

Holiday Shopping: How Much for Kids’ Gifts?

As the holiday shopping season goes into full swing, some people are maxing out their credit cards to pay for presents and others are setting budgets and sticking with them. 

Scour just about any Facebook stream or stop in a local coffee shop and you might hear parents debating the merits of setting spending limits. Or, you'll hear them lamenting about just how much they've already spent.

The ideas for a perfect limit do seem to vary rather greatly. Some parents say $100 per child is more than enough. Others tend to lean toward much higher figures. 

Electronics are expensive, on the one hand, so do you pick one pricier present? Or do you buy more but smaller presents? After all, there’s nothing like seeing a child’s eyes light up as they unwrap gift after gift. (Or an adult's).

Do you set spending limits on the presents you buy for your kids? How much is too much? 

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