23 Aug 2014
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TGI-Full Moon Friday

The last full moon of 2012, and it's a FRIDAY!

TGI-Full Moon Friday TGI-Full Moon Friday TGI-Full Moon Friday

The holiday cheer has been spread, gifts bought, sent, exchanged, opened, and the left overs are just about gone. But of course, there is still more to be said about the holiday season.

New Year's Eve Parties!

But this year we have a treat to end the year on a good note right before the big party. And we only get them a few times a year. A full moon on a Friday night. But this time of year because of the chill in the air, the moon is just a little brighter, and seems a little bigger.

Tomorrow promises to be a clear day, and hopefully evening. So let's see where people go to get a view of the big pizza pie as we begin to ring out 2012!

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