23 Aug 2014
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Bookshop Benicia to leave Southampton Shopping Center

Book store to open on First Street.

Bookshop Benicia to leave Southampton Shopping Center Bookshop Benicia to leave Southampton Shopping Center

owner Christine Mayall, confirmed that her store is moving to 636 First Street. “We just signed our lease,” Mayall said Tuesday. 

“We probably won't get in there until early August” Mayall said. “It depends on how quickly we can do things, but (the Southampton) store is going to keep going gangbusters until that actual day.” 

Mayall cited a number of reasons for the move, the primary one being that her lease is scheduled to expire. “I opted not to renew,” the store owner said. “I think that four (businesses) in a row opting to leave says enough, you don't need to say anymore.”

The exit of Bookshop Benicia will create a row of four vacant storefronts in Southampton Shopping Center.

Mayall said that her first inclination was to allow the lease to expire and close the store. “The amount of rent we had to pay up here has hurt us so badly that we were ready to close the doors,” Mayall said. 

“But then I kind of got excited about moving." 

“I realized I really love what I'm doing, I love having a book store, I love all the people who come in here...I've always wanted to try downtown so it was a great opportunity," Mayall said.  

Mayall, who has owned Bookshop Benicia since 1993, said the the business has endured a lot of changes, including changes in the economy, changes in retail and changes in the book-world and how books are purchased. 

“But,” she said, “we find there's a lot of people out there that still like shopping at bookstores, and we want to offer them a home.

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