Jul 29, 2014

Editor’s Notebook: Emails

Not everyone who sends email is mad about the way I moderate comments or has a tip about a worthwhile story.

Editor’s Notebook: Emails

I get a lot of email in the course of a day.  Sometimes it’s from a reader with a story tip.  That’s  how I found out about the story.

Sometimes I get email from readers who don’t like the way I am moderating comments about a story or they don’t like the way I wrote the story or who believe I’ve left out pertinent facts.  Yes dear readers, you all do a great job of keeping me honest and my feet are often blistered because you keep them in the fire.

Then, there are the emails like the following that make me remember how lucky we all are to live in Benicia.

Not a tip, just a "shout-out" to the Benicia Public Works Dept. One of your employees helped a young woman , a 5 yr. old and an infant safely off an off-ramp yesterday when her car suddenly stopped and they were at risk for being hit. THANK-YOU!!!!!! 

Everyone have a safe weekend and keep those emails coming!

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