Jul 29, 2014

Strikers Continue to Picket Raley’s

Non-union store employees and strikers take time to talk to customers.

Strikers Continue to Picket Raley’s Strikers Continue to Picket Raley’s

Customers entering the Raley’s in Southampton Shopping Center on Wednesday, November 7 got a flyer and a pep talk from striking union members and non-striking store employees.

The union members were handing out literature telling why they were out on strike.  The non-union employees were handing out flyers advertising free groceries for customers who spent at least $20.00 in the store and telling potential customers that Raley’s in Benicia is not a non-union store.

When asked why union members were striking at a non-union Raley’s Store Director Jose Roas said, “We’re a non-union store with a union meat department.”

Rosa said the strikers are being successful in steering regular customers to other food stores.  “We have seen a small drop off,” said Rosa when asked if business was at normal levels.  "The main thing is I want to take care of my employees and take care of my customers.”

He motioned toward both strikers walking the picket line and cashiers who were taking care of customers when he made the statement.

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