20 Aug 2014
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Tank's Friends

Some dogs never stop saying thank you.

Tank's Friends Tank's Friends Tank's Friends Tank's Friends Tank's Friends Tank's Friends Tank's Friends Tank's Friends

About four years ago, I received a phone call about a Jack Russell terrier named Jack who needed a home. When I went over and picked him up, I found that he was really wired and not getting enough exercise.  

I took him home for a week and when I took him to adoptions at Petco I had trouble controlling him in the kennel and on the leash. At home, he had too much interest in the cats. He was a good dog but needed more time and training before I could adopt him out.

The Jack Russell terrier is one of my favorite breeds and I knew two other foster parents who feel likewise and, between the two of them, had what this dog needed. JB Davis and Lisa Reynolds love JRTs as much as I do. They took Jack, renamed him Tank and gave him the love, training and exercise he had needed for a long time.

Tank ended up staying with JB and Lisa and became that special dog that you always look for. Many people have seen Tank at the end of First Street fetching balls in the water or at the dog park just playing.

Tank never forgot me. I could be away from him for months and when he'd see me he'd jump into my lap. When I would go to JB and Lisa’s for game night he would try to stay in my lap while we played. I have always felt that he was trying to say thank you for my part in rescuing him.

Unfortunately, we were only able to give Tank quality of life, not quantity. While Tank was out doing what he loved best Monday, he seems to have had a stroke and died. JB and Lisa lost an exceptional friend and everyone who knew him will miss him. I know I will never forget him like he never forgot me.

I am changing Weekend Adoptions to Tank's Friends. There are a lot of dogs and cats out there like Tank that need good homes.

Want to find a diamond in the ruff like Tank? Try fostering one. People are always telling me that they want to see more dogs at . We can’t take them if we don’t have foster homes.


Pet Food Express


will hold cat adoptions Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m.


Golden State Greyhounds, Saturday from noon to 3 p.m.

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