Jul 28, 2014

UC Berkeley Too Expensive? Try Yale, It's Cheaper

For middle-class students, San Jose State costs $23, 557 a year, making Harvard look cheap at only $17,000.

UC Berkeley Too Expensive? Try Yale, It's Cheaper

Public universities in California are becoming more expensive than many private schools for middle-income students.

“Schools like Harvard and Princeton provide a cheaper alternative to schools like University of California, Berkeley,” says the Daily Titan.

Harvard costs $4,000 for a family with an annual income of $30,000, yet CSUF comes in at almost half, costing $16,331 for a full-time student, the Daily Titan reports.

Rising tuition has recently sent both the UCs and Cal State college prices “ shooting past Harvard and Yale for middle-class students”, according the Bay Area News Group.

While a family making $130,000 a year would have to pay $24,000 for tuition, room, and board to send a child to a Cal State University, financial aid drops Harvard tuition costs down to $17,000 a year, "making it the cheaper option", says the Bay Area News Group.

President Obama announced "a plan to force colleges to slow tuition increases or risk losing student aid" the paper reports. 

But UC President Mark Yudof said the UC education is still a better deal than the vast majority of private colleges.

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