Jul 28, 2014
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Bites Nearby: Ruby Room

In honor of the Persian New Year, try some traditional Iranian fare at Ruby Room.

Bites Nearby: Ruby Room Bites Nearby: Ruby Room Bites Nearby: Ruby Room Bites Nearby: Ruby Room Bites Nearby: Ruby Room Bites Nearby: Ruby Room

The Persian New Year celebration of is in full swing.

The holiday starts on the vernal equinox—the first day of spring. In Iran, the vernal equinox took place March 20 at 8:44:27 a.m., which was 10:14:27 p.m. March 19 in the United States.

Nowruz lasts for 13 days. During that time, Persian families throughout Beverly Hills will make house visits to family and friends, and treat one another with kindness as a way to kick off the new year on a positive note.

In honor of Nowruz, why not enjoy some Persian dining in Beverly Hills?

Ruby Room on Wilshire Boulevard offers an extensive menu of traditional Persian fare with all-natural meats, fresh fish and produce, and homemade sauces—all at a very reasonable price. Dining out in Beverly Hills can still be delicious without breaking the bank.

For Iranian stew made of beef, spinach and herbs, try the ghormesabzi ($12.95). The meat is tender, the juices are flavorful and you can eat it alone of over Ruby Rooms’ tasty rice.

The grilled chicken ($13.95) is simple, yet delicious. It’s breast meat marinated in olive oil, salt, pepper and saffron. Try it with mastokhiar, the restaurant’s smooth, in-house made yogurt sauce with cucumber and herbs. The shallot yogurt dip, mastmoosir, also compliments the chicken quite nicely.

If you prefer no meat, the lentil and barley soups are vegetarian, made fresh daily and both under $5 per order. The humus ($5) and and stuffed grape leaves ($5.50) are also excellent options.

Perhaps one of the best draws to Ruby Room are the daily take-out lunch specials. Running from $5.99-8.99, you can order a complete meal that includes meat, rice and a salad.

Other than the lunch specials, Ruby Room offers free delivery. If you dine in, there is covered, outdoor patio seating, as well as indoor seating.

What is your favorite dish at Ruby Room?

Ruby Room is located at 8560 Wilshire Boulevard. Hours: Daily, 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Small on-site parking lot. Metered street parking also available on Wilshire Boulevard during non-rush hours.

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