Jul 29, 2014

Dental Pioneers in Brentwood Aim to Provide Teeth in a Day

At Coast 2 Coast Smiles on San Vicente Boulevard, Dr. Sanda Moldovan and Dr. Olga Malkin claim to have perfected a minimally invasive surgery.

Dental Pioneers in Brentwood Aim to Provide Teeth in a Day Dental Pioneers in Brentwood Aim to Provide Teeth in a Day Dental Pioneers in Brentwood Aim to Provide Teeth in a Day

Two friends and dental specialists brought their expertise together this year at a practice in Brentwood, offering a unique brand of dentistry whereby they can literally provide patients with teeth in a day.

Dr. Sanda Moldovan and Dr. Olga Malkin of Coast 2 Coast Smiles, located in Brentwood and New York City, provide surgical and restorative services, laser procedures, implant dentistry and other nutritional and cosmetic oral care. The two doctors have perfected a minimally invasive surgery, meaning it doesn't cause bruising or swelling and has minimal if any pain.

Recently on "The Doctors" show on CBS, Drs. Moldovan and Malkin replaced a 20-something mom's crumbling teeth with a full mouth rejuvenation within a day and the next day she was on television showing her gorgeous new, healthy smile. They are possibly the only female team doing this type of work right now, and the episode is re-airing at 2 p.m. Thursday, March 28 on KBCS and KTLA. It can also be viewed here.

"If someone needs just a comple of implants or a full mouth, it’s the fact we can put recovery crowns on the implants right away to get their smile restored right away witout waiting," Dr. Malkin told Patch in a phone interview Wednesday.

Under the older approach, she said patients have to wear a mold or partial teeth.

"So they get a lot of discomfort under the bridges," she said. "It’s on their gums. Not only makes it more painful, but [it's also] more pressure on the implants."

Dr. Moldovan, of Pacific Palisades, is a periodontist and nutritionist, with extensive training in gum disease and implant procedures. She lays the foundation for the crowns with implants.

Dr. Malkin is a prosthodontist, breathing new life into the field, with a versatile approach of creating, shaping and placing crowns and veneers for cosmetic and long lasting results.

Together, as partners in Brentwood's Coast 2 Coast Smiles, Dr. Malkin said they take enormous pride in being great listeners and very nurturing with their patients. Dr. Moldovan provides additional nutritional integrative knowledge provides pharmaceutical healing supplements and nutrients as an added bonus to treatments.

"We see the need for it," Dr. Malkin said about combining their practices. "We have patients who have been going around from one ofice to another but don’t get comprehensive treatment, so the idea came together to house those patients."

She added they have different financing options available.

As they travel back and forth from L.A. to New York, Dr. Malkin said they have a lot of patients coming to them word of mouth and they are putting marketing materials together to get the word out.

For more information, view Coast 2 Coast's website and YouTube video profile, as well as this Dallas Morning News story and the websites for Dr. Moldovan and Dr. Malkin.

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