23 Aug 2014
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Got a Gopher Problem?

Got a Gopher Problem?

Brentwood and Encino have a large gopher population, making gopher extermination a widely used service for property owners. A few pest control companies offer  gopher removal along with bees, ants and a menu of many other services. Rodent Guys is a niche company focusing only on  gophers, moles and ground squirrels and now offers a 60-day guarantee for gopher and mole removal for Brentwood and Encino, California.

Gophers stay in tunnel networks leading to their burrows. They seldom are seen out of their tunnels, which makes them difficult to control. Gophers consume plant life in the landscape including roots of trees, flowers, vegetables and grass. If gophers are not controlled they will destroy the landscaping.

Rodent Guys eradicates gophers with various pest control methods in Brentwood and Encino. They offer traditional poison techniques and pet friendly non-poison techniques. They prefer to use the non-poison method because the poison free methods work better than bait and have no threat to wildlife or your pets.

Rodent Guys Gopher Control service offers a 60-day guarantee for Brentwood and Encino, CA gopher removal services. This makes it the best guarantee for gopher and mole pest control service in Southern California. Rodent Guys is licensed by the State of California and insured for performing pest control services in Brentwood and Encino, CA.

For further information about Rodent Guys Gopher Removal Service for Brentwood and Encino, California visit their website at  http://www.rodentguys.com or call them at 866-931-1287 for Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Orange and Riverside Counties.

—from PR Web

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