15 Sep 2014
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Have You Seen the Jogging Twins Around Brentwood?

Patch users on Facebook have spotted these brothers all over town, and I'd like to hear their story.

Have You Seen the Jogging Twins Around Brentwood? Have You Seen the Jogging Twins Around Brentwood?

I've been hearing rumors for more than a week about these twin brothers wearing matching outfits and running in a synchronized jogging pace around Brentwood. Have you seen them?

Is it a publicity stunt? Are they being filmed? Or is it just for fun?

Patch users have told me these two can be seen, shirts or shirtless, running at 26th and San Vicente, Wilshire and Bundy, near Pinkberry and near Whole Foods.

So far, I have not seen the brothers, but hope this post reaches them in my interest to hear their story. Someone posted a quick YouTube video of the brothers synchronized jogging in place at a local crosswalk.

When asked, here's what Facebook users said from Brentwood and Pacific Palisades. Apparently, they were jogging around town Tuesday:

Danielle Durkin Yes. They live near me! I've only seen them with shirts on, however!

Amy Lewis Madnick Saw them Sunday afternoon right where you said. About 3:45. An odd sight.

Kris Thayer I saw them yesterday, they are amazing.

Esther Jacobson I see them all the time. Milli Vanilli incarnate!

Tannaz Rahbar its creeeepeeeeee

Tannaz Rahbar Omg they're at SV & 26th right now.

Anna Drabek Haven't had the privilege of coming across these two yet but look forward to seeing some pictures of the show

Michelle Fisher Jones We see them weekly it seems. At 26th and San Vicente a lot in the afternoons, and on San Vicente in Brentwood. Not always shirtless but always in matching outfits, with iPods and in sync.

Ilise Friedman My mom sees them every Tuesday morning, around 11. Be on the lookout today!

Brenda Nievas Yup--I saw them joggin by while sitting outside of Pinkberry--one of them winked at me...haha

The Family Savvy I have seen them!! But, with shirts, at 26th and S Vicente. They are adorable but I'd love to know their story.

Marla Matthias Yes have seen them but with shirts on. They are adorable and in perfect step.

DrT-Tihana Skaricic Shirts or no shirts ,better find them :)) Seems like some interesting story behind. LOL

Joann Killeen Yes I have seen them and they were just wearing bright orange shorts with matching running shoes. I thought they might be in a TV commercial being filmed on San Vicente but never saw any cameras.

Roz Schneck Friedman Thing 1 and thing 2!!!! Usually in the late afternoon around 4:30

Roz Schneck Friedman Yes...closer to 26th and San Vicente.saw them 3 times.very cute!

Elizabeth Condelli I just spotted them jogging by Wholefoods. Two beautiful shirtless black twins in red shorts! Shoulda taken a picture!

Maura Kay I've seen them too! It wasn't that long ago. Right by Whole Foods!

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