23 Aug 2014
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Many Farmers Markets Open During Carmageddon

Market organizers are counting on local attendance the weekend of the 405 closure.

Many Farmers Markets Open During Carmageddon

Carmageddon II won’t stop farmers market operator Raw Inspiration from selling fruits and vegetables at markets throughout the Los Angeles region.

All Raw Inspiration weekend markets, including those in Brentwood, Sherman Oaks, Agoura Hills, Old Town Calabasas and Pacific Palisades, will remain open during the 405 closure Sept. 29-30.

“Most of the people who shop at our markets are local,” Raw Inspiration President John Edwards said. “It’s not as if they drive on the freeways.”

Vendors who travel to the markets will be most affected, Edwards said, though none have canceled their trips just yet.

Raw Inspiration has weekend markets all around the L.A. region. Click here to view a complete list of Raw Inspiration farmers market locations.

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During the 405 closure, the north side of the Mulholland Bridge will be demolished. When finished, the bridge will be about 10 feet wider and seismically retrofitted to the latest standards. It will be the third bridge demolished and reconstructed in order to widen the 405 Freeway and add a northbound carpool lane through the Sepulveda Pass.


“We hope that people come and buy their fruits and vegetables,” Edwards said. “I’m sure it’s going to be inconvenient for some people, no question about that, but what do we do?”

Patch Editor Matthew Sanderson contributed to this report.

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