Jul 25, 2014
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Union Supports Butler, Activists Back Osborn

The 50th Assembly District candidates announce new endorsements.

Union Supports Butler, Activists Back Osborn Union Supports Butler, Activists Back Osborn

On Thursday, Butler announced that she has won the backing of the California-Nevada Conference of Operating Engineers. The union's Southern California Locals 12 and 501 previously announced their support of the Assemblywoman (D-Marina del Rey), who also recently received a perfect score on the Congress of California Seniors' 2011 California Legislative Report Card.

Butler is "a proven supporter on all of our issues,” Operating Engineers Local 12 Business Manager William Waggoner said in a statement. “In this age of term limits, it is imperative that we return someone with Butler’s expertise.”

The union represents operating engineers and stationary engineers who work in service industries. The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1442, which represents thousands of retail workers in Southern California; the Amalgamated Transit Union of California, an affiliate of AFL-CIO; and the ATU chapter of Los Angeles, ATU Local 1277 are also supporting Butler.

Meanwhile, Osborn announced Friday that she has won the backing of 500-plus grassroots activists, community leaders and citizen supporters.

“I really am honored to see the number of people who have signed on to my campaign," the nonprofit veteran said in a statement. "These folks are my grassroots army; they will make our campaign grow.

"Endorsements from statewide groups and electeds are only one measure of support for a campaign," she continued. "The best way to calculate the energy and enthusiasm behind somebody running for office is to look at the people who simply believe the candidate is the best fit for their aspirations and the district’s. Those supporters and individual endorsers directly translate into grassroots support, campaign contributions and, ultimately, into votes."

Check out the attached PDF to see a full list of Osborn's newly announced supporters.

The top two vote-getters from the 50th Assembly District primary contest, regardless of party affiliation, will face off in the general election.

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