Jul 30, 2014

VIDEO: Councilman Bill Rosendahl Returns to City Hall

The Los Angeles 11th District city councilmember has been at home in the Westside for several weeks going through cancer treatment.

Los Angeles City Council chambers filled with applause Tuesday for the return of Councilmember Bill Rosendahl since he on Aug. 1. He confirmed his plans to seek a third term and intends "to live another 20 to 30 years."

"I figure 96 is the year I'm going to go out," Rosendahl said.

A YouTube video was posted shortly afterward, showing an enthusiastic Rosendahl, 67, thanking his supporters and eager to tackle city council matters.

"I've gone through a situation that many of you, millions of us, are going through in his great nation, and that's called cancer," he said. "I was hoping I'd never have that word attached to me, but it did."

Rosendahl said his intern told him on July 20 that he had a serious issue. He had an MRI done, and it was discovered he has a form of cancer that comes from the uterer, and it's been developing over "a year or three to four years" until it was detected in July. He gave an to thank the outpouring of well wishers from around his district.

Rosendahl said he's gone through 13 hits of radiation, two hits of chemotherapy and he has another one next week.

"Things are working," he said. "Hundreds of my constituents have responded. The amount of love I've gotten has been phenomenal."

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