Jul 29, 2014
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Was Traffic Worse Than Normal This Week?

Patch readers tell us they've been stuck in traffic longer than usual in and around West L.A.

Was Traffic Worse Than Normal This Week?

We live in Los Angeles. It goes without saying that traffic is constantly on our minds, especially on the Westside. But are there times when traffic is just more awful than it usually is?

This week seems to be one of those weeks. Several Patch readers tweeted and posted on Facebook about how traffic has been affecting their days more than normal. Maybe the streets seemed more clogged with cars than normal after Carmageddon weekend, when many residents stayed home or used alternative transportation. Representatives from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the L.A. Department of Transportation listed a couple factors that may have contributed to abnormally trafficky conditions this week.

A two-vehicle crash on the 405 Freeway shutdown the northbound lanes all Tuesday afternoon heading into rush hour, which could have most likely been the biggest contributing factor, according to Metro.

Spokeswoman Kim Upton said Thursday morning that one of her friends in the area suggested that the closing of the Wilshire Boulevard ramps in July and re-opening of the Sunset Boulevard Bridge ramps during Carmageddon II may have caused commuters to shift their routes.

"There's no evidence the recently opened Sunset bridge, with its new lanes, could have caused it," she said. "It doesn’t seem any worse or better. It seems the same, but seeing extra ramps open may help things."

Department of Transportation spokesman Bruce Gilman suggested the shifting ramp closures could be a factor, but said Metro is handling those projects. Traffic counts have not increased in the area, Gilman said.

A noticeable jam all Tuesday afternoon along San Vicente and Sunset boulevards eastbound contributed to the Brentwood Community Council meeting starting late that night, and a couple members arrived to the meeting late. At the meeting, members and attendees commented on how bad the traffic was getting there.

When asked if commuters were stuck in traffic longer than usual on Tuesday, Brentwood and Pacific Palisades Patch users responded to Facebook and Twitter:

@JohnCySmith RT @BrentwoodPatch: Avoid San Vicente eastbound. That's an annoying traffic jam.

Erin Gardner Yes wtf

Mika Nishiguchi yes i was o 405...

Anthony Boomer Dell Yes!

Judy Koslow Zweig Yes! PCH was a nightmare. Can't we do something about timing the lights especially on a night when the 405 is closed.

And when asked on Wednesday about the traffic:

Rebecca Mocciaro Yesterday SUCKED> I drove from downtown LA, and it took me about 90 minutes to get home, including the about 45 I spent trying to come up 26th street.

Erin Gardner So far so good today...

Nina Drabkin Yesterday was horrible!

Anthony Boomer Dell I'm with you guys: Yesterday was awful.

Anthony Boomer Dell Folks, I'll take any and all helpful advice: Best route from Century City to Pali if I am leaving at 5:45- 6:15pm? I used to take Overland to 10W to PCH, but lately that's been rough. San Vincente to 26th? Sunset all the way from here? What do you think is best?

Kris Thayer Brentwood has been a nightmare no matter what time I tried to drive thru it.

Walter Barnett The timing of the traffic lights at 405 at sunset is a mess. Causes delay even with lighter traffic.

Michele Miller Baron The 10 East was awful at 5PM, got on at PCH and off at 20th, it was not moving. Worse than usual. Even side streets were bad. I thought once the summer ended it would get better. I was wrong!

Elizabeth Condelli I'm so glad I'm out of town


Has there been more traffic in your neighborhood than usual this week? Tell us in the comments below.

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