Jul 28, 2014
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BHS Cracks Down on Bullying

The Burlingame High School Parents' Group sponsors an anti-bullying event Wednesday.

BHS Cracks Down on Bullying

As a parent, how can you help prevent bullying in schools? The Burlingame High School Parents’ Group is doing its part by sponsoring an event Wednesday night featuring speaker Kaye Randall.

Anti-bullying speaker Randall co-authored Mean Girls: 101 ½ Creative Strategies for Working With Relational Aggression and is a nationally renowned speaker.

Randall is a licensed clinical social worker and is the co-owner and director of Turning Point Counseling in Columbia, South Carolina.

She works specifically with adolescents and children who bully, as well as those who are targets of bullying.

Randall will speak with BHS students during the school day and then met with parents in the BHS auditorium at 7 p.m. She is prepared to discuss bullying, recreational aggression and cyber bullying.


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