15 Sep 2014
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San Fernando Valley Congressional candidate Marc Litchman proposed banning all puppy mills and commercial backyard breeders to help reduce the millions of adoptable pets killed every year in our shelters.

 By stopping the production of over 2-3 million puppies by these immoral businesses, dogs will not be suffering in inhumane, unclean and restrictive environments and shelters will not be forced to euthanize unwanted and abandoned pets numbering between five and eight million a year and their population will be reduced.   

 Commercial, profit-driven puppy mill owners and so-called backyard breeders force dogs to produce litter after litter of puppies, supplying nearly 100 percent of the dogs sold in pet stores, over the internet and in newspaper ads. 

 "State and local efforts to legislate puppy mill breeders have yet to succeed as anticipated. I will introduce an enforceable federal ban, minus the AKC’s politically influenced exceptions and loopholes, on all commercial puppy mills until there no longer is a reason to euthanize an adoptable pet,” said Litchman.

 Over two million dogs born in puppy mills are sold through retail stores or through the internet. With no regard to the conditions in which they were bred or born; many of them suffer from the filth in which they are bred and imprisoned leading to long term health and behavioral challenges: which then leads to them being abandoned or given up to shelters.

Kept in small caged boxes covered with wire, piled on one on top of the other with no shelter from the elements, these dogs never feel a human’s touch, hear a kind voice or even feel grass beneath their paws.  Those in the bottom cage, well they are the recipients of the dogs’ above them excrement and other releases that lead to diseases and other unimaginable health risks.

“Our shelters and rescue groups are overwhelmed.  They need our help and so do the animals we have a moral obligation to protect.  Lawmakers have been giving lip service to ending the tragedy of puppy mill abuses for more than two decades but nothing changes. The time is way overdue for Congress to take responsibility and stop this needless suffering now,” Litchman concluded. 

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