Jul 28, 2014
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$14,000 in Local Grants

$14,000 in Local Grants

Benevolent.net, a Chicago-based nonprofit crowd-funding site, has now made nearly $14,000 in grants to local, Bay Area nonprofits to support the needs of their clients. Benevolent works with local groups to identify low-income people who just need help over one small hurdle on their way to independence.

Since expanding into the Bay Area last May, Benevolent has funded 33 separate individual needs, from 11 different local nonprofits, resulting in $13,870 in grants to local organizations!

In addition to the 33 local needs that have been funded, Benevolent.net has another 30+ local needs still posted, which you can check out here , including:

* Teresa, who wants to buy a taco cart to create a self-supporting business,

* Rick, who is in a shelter, but has job interviews and needs a transit pass to get to them,

* and Fahma, a refugee with a new baby on the way who needs a mattress and clothing for her children.

Local donors have been very generous in supporting such needs so far. Every donation, whether $10 or $100, helps somebody who is striving to become self-reliant and take care of their family. Learn more at Benevolent.net or contact ken (at) benevolent.net.

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