Jul 28, 2014

Beloved Downtown Cat Missing

Boots made it out to all the popular downtown Campbell events. His pet parents are asking for help to find him.

Beloved Downtown Cat Missing Beloved Downtown Cat Missing Beloved Downtown Cat Missing Beloved Downtown Cat Missing

This friendly feline roamed the downtown and greeted me many a times while out covering events. He's so popular that he's even got a Facebook page.

"The facebook page was our last ditch effort to keep track of him," his pet parent Karis Triska says.

Boots has been missing since Memorial Day weekend from his home near S Second Street and Rincon Avenue and Triska is asking everyone's help in finding him.

"He lost his collar," she says. "Someone brought it back to our porch. "Everyone knows him in the neighborhood."

The Campbell couple say the charismatic Boots is about 7 years old, and has lived in the Orchard City for three years.

"We bought him from the farm we lived at outside of Davis," Triska says. "We took him with us to Sacramento, and when we moved here we brought him with us."

Boots is super friendly and affectionate, Triska says. His paws and belly are white, and has a white mustache. His tail feels like its crooked. And he’s a medium sized cat.

If you've got a tip as to Boots' where abouts, give his parents a call at 530-219-0937.

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