Jul 29, 2014

Campbell Celebrates 60

On March 28, 1952 Campbell was incorporated as a city.

Campbell Celebrates 60

Campbell has a rich history. It was founded by Benjamin Campbell 125 years ago in 1887, was home to orchards and a burgeoning community.

On March 28, 1952 Campbell was officially incorporated as a city, making this year its 60th anniversary.

To mark this milestone, Campbell Patch will offer up various articles, posts and interviews about the local history, the people that lived here and those that make up what Campbell is today throughout the month of March, beginning today.

In addition to this, the (which already offers up a weekly historical column: " History in Photos") will also offer up interesting facts and trivia about the Orchard City throughout the month.

All of this coverage will be compiled into a single location on the site, under " Campbell Celebrates 60" so that readers can revisit and check out what they may have missed, or reread a favorite post.

So here's to a month of local history, Campbell. And Happy Birthday!


The city of Campbell wil be celebrating Campbell's 60th anniversary on March 28, 10:30 a.m. with a small reception at City Hall in front of the glass cabinets outside of council chambers.

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