Jul 28, 2014

Campbell State of the City Address Offers Good News

Campbell's Mayor Mike Kotowski addressed the Orchard City with a breakdown of the challenges in the last year, as well as hope for brighter roads ahead.

Campbell State of the City Address Offers Good News

The State of the City address by Mayor Mike Kotowski took place at the Orchard City Banquet Hall Wednesday.

"Given that our budget has grown and our revenues are up, we can safely assume that the state of the city is positive," Kotowski said. "Improvements in our local economy indicate that we are recovering from this downturn in our economy and our future does appear to look brighter."

Kotowski offered insight to the role of the Campbell City Council, the City Manager's office, how the city has managed to do more with fewer employees and all the volunteers that give their time to the city: a total of more than 22,000 hours just last year or the equivalent of 11 full-time positions.

Highlights from the address include:

  • Employees took work furloughs, which cut their pay by 3.7 percent.
  • There will be an ongoing $700,000 deficit due to the , but a $700,000 surplus this year and next due to revenue increases will cover this.
  • Proposed operating budget for 2013 is $45.9 million.
  • Total city revenue for 2013 is estimated at $46.7 million, a increase of 3 percent from 2012.
  • City operating budget approved has grown by 4.2 percent and goes into effect July 1.
  • The city's five-year Capital Improvement Plan includes 17 funded projects, five of which are new this year totaling $19.6 million
  • The LEED Silver designation of the Orchard City Banquet Hall

"I want to thank all of you for helping Campbell be Campbell and now you know the rest of the story," Kotowski said.

Visit the  city of Campbell's website to watch the archived video of the complete broadcast.

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