Jul 28, 2014

Dynamic Exercises for a More Powerful Athlete

For the athlete that is so used to bench pressing and no longer making the gains or progress they’re looking for, consider utilizing dynamic full-body exercises to increase power and core strength. The more muscle fibers you recruit, the more potential power you can generate, making this a great tool to help increase power development. More power means improved sprinting speed, greater jumping ability, and a more explosive athlete.

Straddle kettlebell with feet slightly wider apart than shoulder width. Squat down with arm extended downward between legs and grasp kettlebell handle with overhand grip. be sure your butt is down and your chest is up in a vertical position.
Pull the kettlebell up off floor, slightly forward, just above height of ankles. Immediately dip down slightly and swing kettlebell back under hips. Quickly swing the kettlebell up by raising your upper body upright and extending legs and thrusting your hips forward. Continue to swing the kettlebell back down between legs and up higher on each swing until height just above head can be maintained. The stronger the hip thrust, the higher the kettlebell will go. This exercise will increase cardio endurance, core strength and muscle strength in your legs and glutes. Get the rest of the routine or to read about other exercises here.

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