Jul 28, 2014
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LETTER: What Grows in Campbell

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LETTER: What Grows in Campbell


Hope all is well! We're loving your coverage of all things Campbell.

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Sure, downtown and all of its shops, restaurants, and events are incredible. The residents of Campbell are always warm and welcoming and my wife and I feel blessed to live in such a great community.

There are lots of reasons why we love Campbell, but today one of my favorite things became very clear. This may sound crazy, but what I love most about this town ... The Dirt.

I love everything that grows in this town. Campbell residents live on a "goldmine" of soil. The rich history of orchards and farms here in Campbell can still be seen everyday if you just walk around our neighborhoods.

As we walk around our neighborhood there are plenty of grapefruits, oranges, lemons, plums, and persimmons ... all ripe for the picking. Campbell remains one big orchard city!

My wife and I, understanding the goodness of Campbell's soil, decided to plant a garden this Spring. Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Squash, Herbs, and a dozen different species of Peppers. The Campbell soil is amazing. Everything we planted is producing and growing like mad. We even had corn growing until our dog, Max, ate it. ;)

Before moving to Campbell two years ago, we had no business planting a garden or even watering an indoor plant. If we can have a successful garden here in Campbell, all credit must go to this amazing soil. We're early into the summer season and I encourage everyone to plant a fruit or vegetable in your Campbell yard. You'll be amazed at the results...

*Big THANKS to on Winchester Boulevard.

All the best,

Joe Kenny

Campbell, CA. Resident Since 2010.

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