20 Aug 2014
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A Magazine Gold Mine

Magazines for a quarter are available for sale right here in Carlsbad.

A Magazine Gold Mine

The Friends of the Library Bookstore at the is awesome! Twice this year I've donated books that have been just sitting around my home to the bookstore, but I'd never been in the store till today. 

That's when I discovered magazines are a quarter. New magazines, too, like O Magazine, InStyle and Newsweek. I picked up a June 2011 copy of SELF magazine and was about to buy Shape but didn't have enough change in my wallet. I barely have two dimes to rub together, but I have a few plastic cards I can rub together. So, remember to bring cash or a check with you. 

Books are as cheap as $1. Granted this is in a library, where books and magazines can be checked out for free, but sometimes you just don't want that hassle of remembering when to return a book (not to mention the gas money you'll spend driving back might be more than a quarter or dollar).

If you do subscribe to magazines and then end up recycling them, consider donating them to the Friends of Library Bookstore. Books can also be dropped off.

If the bookstore is not able to resell your donation, it will get recycled in the end.

Community Relations Manager for the Carlsbad City Library Jessica Padilla Bowen says, “Usually there are hundreds of donations in a week, even more if someone has done a serious cleaning. We definitely know when the community has been ‘spring cleaning’ because we see the bump in donations.”

The donations have been so strong that this summer the Friends of the Library will be giving away some children’s books from all they have collected as part of the annual . 

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