Jul 29, 2014
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Murder Victim Jordan Vigil: 'More Than Just a Number'

The Hayward man's family speaks out a week after his body was found in a Castro Valley garage.

Instead of gathering to enjoy the sunshine on Saturday, family, friends and neighbors of a slain Hayward man gathered to raise money for his funeral services and for his children.

was during a routine probation check.

Although the , no arrests have been made.

On Saturday, a gathering was held on Hathaway Avenue, offering a car wash and bake sale to raise money for Vigil's funeral costs and for his two sons, Jordan Jr., 13, and Joseph, 3.

"People need to keep in mind he was someone's son, brother, uncle and father. He was more than just a number," Marilyn Vigil, his mother, told Castro Valley Patch.

Vigil transferred from one school to another during his youth, ending up at Tennyson High School. His family said because he excelled at math, he was placed in a gifted and talented education program for students, which allowed him to switch schools to be in a higher grade.

He did not gradute but did earn his GED and went on to take a few classes at Chabot College. Vigil worked different jobs, according to his 21-year-old sister Katie, and was still figuring out what he wanted to do as a career.

"He made the best of any situation," Katie said. "He was my brother. I loved him."

Aside from Katie, Vigil also had an older brother, Dominic, 32. Family members said he seems to be taking Vigil's death the hardest and has not been seen since the passing of his brother.

Their mother, Marilyn Vigil, recalls Vigil's genuine love of sports, particularly baseball and basketball.

"He had soft hands. He was a natural," she said.

He also had passion for people, according to Marilyn Vigil. During his younger years, he served as a conflict manager and was usually the one negotiating for people who fought on the playground.

"There was not a spiteful bone in his body," she said. "He was easy going. Everything rolled off his back."

Though she admits Vigil wasn't the perfect son — making bad choices, some of which he eventually paid for by serving time in jail — she said he had no recent violent crimes.

One of the last things she recalls Vigil telling her was how he had hopes of turning his life around, especially with his sons.

"He was just trying to be a better dad to his kids," she said. "That's coming from a mother who knew her son made poor choices but didn't deserve to go out like this. No one does."

People from all over the Bay Area turned up on Saturday to offer their condolences and give donations to the Vigil family.

Benjamin Ramirez of Fremont heard about the family's loss from his church, El Shaddai Ministries in San Lorenzo. He decided to offer all the proceeds he collected from selling hot dogs that day from his recently-purchased hot dog cart.

"I was in a position where I could help out," he said. "I don't know [Vigil] at all, but we just need to come together as a community and help each other out."

The fundraiser, which was held from 8 a.m. to about 5 p.m., raised more than $4,500.

"I knew my son was loved, but I didn't know he's touched so many lives," Marilyn Vigil said.

Vigil's body was released to the family on Monday, and they plan to have the funeral later this week or next.

Marilyn Vigil added that the family may hold another fundraiser in the near future, however, she is also accepting donations through PayPal.

For those who wish to make further contributions, you can contact Marilyn at marilyn.vigil@yahoo.com.

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