Jul 28, 2014
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The Baker's Dozen: Goldilocks and the Three Baked Goods

A restaurant review from a true fan of Filipino food.

Unlike Goldilocks of  The Story of the Three Bears, everyone and anyone is welcome to eat as much as they want at Cerritos' . 

This neighborhood eatery has been serving up delicious food and baked goods since they opened their doors in 1977. Originally a family owned company, their first store operated out of a small apartment in Makati City, Philippines. Now with over 20 stores in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore, Goldilocks has since become an international phenomenon bringing Filipino food to the forefront. 

As a lifetime lover of Goldilocks' baked goods, here are three of their most popular treats:

Pan de Sal

Italians have garlic bread, the French have baguettes, and Filipinos have pan de sal. This simple bread is essentially a Filipino dinner roll and is a staple food in the culture.

The composition is basic (flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, and salt), but the taste and texture is extraordinary. The pan de sal from Goldilocks, when freshly baked, has a heavenly sweet taste, a crunchy exterior shell, and a pillowy soft interior. 


If you are a fan of butter, then you are in for a special treat! Mamon is a French-style sponge cake that is soft with a slight sweetness, fluffy to the taste buds and full of buttery flavor.

Plain mamon is amazing as is, but Goldilocks also offers it in some tasty varietions. Such options include a mocha-flavored sponge cake and a mamon-based variety of our next baked good.


A basic brioche plus a few extra fixins, ensaymada is a perfect example of how Filipinos like to take delicious treats and add their own fantastic flare. Traditionally, brioche is a light and fluffy baked good that is made with more butter, milk, and eggs than other standard breads.

To take this bread to the next level, the fine Filipinos at Goldilocks add additional butter, sugar, and grated cheese to the tops of baked brioche in order to make ensaymada. This combination of ingredients may sound strange at first, but I assure you that the taste and texture is divine! Goldilocks also offers varieities of ensaymada, including those with coconut and others with ube (purple yam). 

Feel Like You're Missing Out?

Take a look at  Goldilocks' menu - these three tasty treats are just the beginning of a wonderful adventure for your appetite! Visit the Cerritos  to smell their sweets, sample their savory food, and view their very elaborate cakes!

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